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We offer commercial, purebred and registered Kiko goats for sale.
Livestock guardian dogs for sale for ranch and farm herd protection.
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We have lived on, and loved the farm life since we were kids. Ezra, and I married in June of 1999, and we have one son Cameron. We have always wanted to own a farm to have a garden, raise animals, and a place where our families could come together, as our grandparents and parents did growing up. We wanted a place where we could sit on the porch and listen to the sounds of nature.

The summer of 2018, our dreams came true as we was able to buy a small farm on Ashes Creek Road, near Bloomfield, KY. We have started out small, and we are gradually expanding our herd. We started out with our buck, BKK Sequoia's Black Thunder and we are adding quality does to the mixture yearly. Our goal is to raise and breed quality size goats that are healthy and parasite resistant which Kikos are known for. We take pride in our farm, family and animals while we are creating our brand of goats, and guardian dogs as Ashes Creek Kikos.

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